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TROPICAL is a database that allows you through a series of input screens to produce a manual for submission to the HMRC if called upon to do so. The manual will set out

History of the company

General overview of the business with major companies, operating areas and products

Detailed trading notes by three major activities and any services

Summary of turnover and inter company turnover by the above activities

UK detailed sales and profit contributions

Details by individual overseas company of their activity, products, competition and operational risk assumptions

Abridged trading and financial summary

Details of main trading activity and how they sell to customers

Financing activities with the UK

Details of individual activity with the UK

Analysis of their sales depending upon the original place of origin to compare UK profit percentage

Comparable details

Advance Pricing Agreements

Conclusion with summary of activities and compliance with arms length principle

Some of the information will need to be obtained from the overseas companies and a form is included for the overseas company to complete, and then cut and paste the replies, or upload the data.

The manual is produced on a one to one basis but provided details of all activities with the overseas companies are input a number of summary reports will also be provided. You may wish to show the information as a global report as opposed to individual details and this can be done through the use of ad hoc forms where you can include details not specifically covered in the standard documentation.

TROPICAL can be used by an overseas company for them to complete for their own Transfer Pricing documentation.